Good Evening HCA Parents,

I am excited to share our latest update regarding students returning to school on August 10th. You can access my video update by clicking here. 

While the video covers our return to school in detail, some highlights from the update:

1. YES! We are returning to on campus instruction – AUGUST 10th!!!! We are returning under a Healthy Student plan – meaning that no student should be on campus if he/she is exhibiting any symptom in our Parent/Student Handbook or the Health and Safety Plan. All students will be screened on arrival daily. Students that are exhibiting any of these symptoms will be not be allowed on campus and must return home until they are symptom and fever free without the use of symptom/fever reducing medications for 24 hours.

2. We are not asking students or staff to wear masks for participation in programs at Hillsborough Christian Academy. Parents may send their students with a mask, but HCA will not be responsible for enforcing student adherence. The American Academy of Pediatrics places masks in a low priority for students returning to school due to misuse or horseplay with masks. Additionally, it is difficult for students to learn early phonics/literacy skills with masks on.

3. First Day Drop Off – all students may be dropped off in the car rider line or walked into the building on the first day of school. Any adult entering the building must follow our screening protocol and will need to have a mask on. Transitional Kindergarteners and Kindergarteners may be dropped off in the car rider line or walked into the building throughout the first week of school. All students must be dropped off in the car rider line beginning August 17th. Please practice patients as we will be working through our procedures to ensure safe and efficient arrival/dismissal.

4. Car Rider Pick Up – Students will be dismissed from their classrooms via walkie-talkie to the car rider line. This may result in additional time at pick-up. Again, we appreciate your patience as we operate in the safest way possible.

5. Our Health and Safety Plan will be in effect until further notice. Please read and review prior to your Meet the Teacher appointment on August 6th. If you have not signed up yet for a meet the teacher slot, please click here.

6. We will ask all parents to sign the Waiver of Liability and Health Screening Agreement at Meet the Teacher. No student will be allowed on campus without this document being completed and signed by parents and a staff member.

7. Students will need a labeled reusable water bottle daily. They will have access to a water bottle filling station in lieu of water fountains. Students without a reusable water bottle may receive a bottle of water from the office for a charge of $1 (billed to the student account). Additionally, your students water bottle – and any additional personal items – will be sent home daily for cleaning/sanitation. The exception will be your student’s change of clothing, which should live in their locker in a sealed bag.

8. We are increasing our focus on campus cleanliness and sanitation. Heavy use areas will be sanitized more frequently through the day. Student areas will be cleaned daily.

9. Students will operate in self-contained classrooms. This means that a student will be with their classroom for the entirety of the day. We will not operate our elective/special classes during the first nine week period.

10. Students will have access to our outdoor facility for recess and lunch periods. Additionally, we are installing sail shades for covered areas of the playground to be utilized for outdoor class time.

Additionally, many of you have asked about school supply lists. These lists are posted to the HCA website under the Academics Tab. There, you will find the 20/21 School Supply tab. Lists are posted by grade level link. (Click here to access)

Finally, if you are reaching out to our school office by phone – please allow 24-48 hours for a return phone call. We have had a number of admissions visits and phone calls coming into the school office, and are attempting to reconnect with each of you as we are able to. Additionally, beginning Monday August 3rd, our school office will be closed as the staff will be in mandatory training and recertification classes to begin the school year. All calls and emails will be returned as quickly as possible during that period.

As always, if we can be of assistance, please reach out to us at (919) 732-0888 or We are continuing to pray for you and your family as we inch closer to the start of the 2020-2021 school year!

Serving Passionately,

B. Turner