Technology at HCA

At Hillsborough Christian Academy, we believe in transforming learners to leaders. With that in mind, we understand that leading in the 21st century requires a set of skills above and beyond the three “R’s” of the last generation. This means our students must learn how to appropriately integrate the use of technology into their lives.

We strongly believe that the student/teacher classroom relationship remains the center of our educational process. With that philosophy, technology in the classroom becomes a tool, a device for our students to dive deeper into their curriculum.

At HCA, our strategy is to use different technologies to assist in the developmental process. For instance, in our lower grades (Transitional Kindergarten-3rd Grade) we utilize Apple iPads. We have hand selected applications to go side-by-side with our already phenomenal classroom curriculum. Our lower grades use applications such as Starfall, Kids A-Z, Wet-Dry-Try (Handwriting Without Tears), and more!

Chromebook Program

Our 4th-7th graders utilize our Chromebook 1:1 program. HCA students are issued a Chromebook device at the beginning of the school year. Students are allowed to use these devices both in class and at home! This group continues to grow into being responsible users of technology as they dive into the foundations of digital citizenship. At this level, students are issued a Google Apps account for education, with access to Google’s core suite of services (including Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides). Students use this suite throughout their studies in producing documents such as research papers and presentations.

Our 4th-7th graders also are able to take part in our computer science elective course – utilizing the latest coursework from These students walk through the basics of computer programming, learning block coding. We also participate in’s annual Hour of Code!

HCA School Technology Statistics

2017-2018 School Year

Number of computing devices per student


Percentage of Classrooms with Projector Access


Grade Levels with Google Apps Access

5 (2nd-6th grades)

Average Network Speed

300+ mbps