School Year | 2022–2023

Providing a Christian education is one of the best decisions a parent can make for their children. Therefore we aim to be as affordable as possible while providing excellent classroom environments, high–quality curriculum, abundant supplies, cutting-edge technology, and engaging activities for HCA students. Enrollment Forms will be processed for a new student only if the Enrollment Fee is included. Family Re–enrollment Form will be accepted only if all the required forms are in place and the re–enrollment fee for each student is provided.

Admissions Fees

Application Fee Enrollment Fee Technology Fee
All Students $50.00/Student $150.00/Student $250.00/Student Annually

Annual Fees

Technology Fee
All Students $250.00/Student

Tuition Rates

Annual Tuition 12 Month Payment Plan
Transitional Kindergarten $7,080 $590
Kindergarten $7,488 $624
1st-5th Grade $7,680 $640
6th-8th Grade $7,884 $657

Payment Plans

12 Month Plan: 12 payments due beginning July 1 or 15, last payment due June 1 or 15 according to your tuition payment plan. If payment for the full school year is received by July 31, a full payment grant will be given.(2) Note: All payments are due on the 1st or 15th of each month. If a student leaves HCA during the school year or does not return the following school year, no school records will be released until all outstanding charges are paid.
    • 1. HCA works diligently to make scholarships available for families who are aligned with the vision of Christian Education, and need financial assistance to make it possible. We also offer sibling grants. For more information on financial aid, contact our administrative office.
    • 2. Full payment grant cannot be combined with other discounts.